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Hiring Outside Continuous Improvement Consultants

External Consultants

External consultants can help companies figure out which methodology would be best suited for the business issues, based on corporate direction and overall projects. This would prevent companies from building a Six Sigma infrastructure only to find out leadership wants to see quick improvements that are better driven through Kaizen events using Lean tools, or vice versa. External consultants are also best suited when a company needs quick results or wants to apply the benefits of say a DMAIC approach to a strategic initiative and do not have in-house capability. In such instances engaging an external consultant is a more prudent approach.

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Hiring resources to start the program external consultants also serve a very important role in identifying and vetting that the right resources are selected for a company that is new to the Six Sigma or Lean world. This becomes more important when the program is driven by a business leader who, it is safe to assume, does have an appreciation of the power of Lean or Six Sigma. Otherwise this leader would not have championed the program at the first place, but he or she might not be knowledgeable enough to ensure he or she is bringing in the right talent to start the program. This is where the consultants with their experience can ensure the candidates that are shortlisted would be able to meet the requirements of the position and the program.

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